Emerald Coast Classic Schedule


The third round and championship round of the 2015 Emerald Coast Classic were played in Niceville, Florida.

Times listed for Niceville games are local (Central) time.

First and Second Round Games:

November 14Alabama State 85, Virginia Tech 82Box Score
November 16Iowa State 106, Chicago State 64
UAB 72, Alabama State 70
Box Score
Box Score
November 18Virginia Tech 71, Jacksonville State 62Box Score
November 21Chattanooga 81, Illinois 77Box Score
November 22UAB 61, Jacksonville State 55Box Score
November 23Illinois 82, Chicago State 79
Iowa State 83, Chattanooga 63
Box Score
Box Score

Third Round Games:

November 27Chattanooga 95, Alabama State 5811:00 AM
Box ScoreGame Recap
November 27Jacksonville State 68, Chicago State 651:30 PMBox ScoreGame Recap
November 27Iowa State 99, Virginia Tech 776:00 PMBox ScoreGame Recap
November 27Illinois 72, UAB 588:30 PMBox ScoreGame Recap

Championship Round Games:

November 28Alabama State 66, Chicago State 6410:30 AMBox ScoreGame Recap
November 28Chattanooga 62, Jacksonville State 521:00 PMBox ScoreGame Recap
November 28Virginia Tech 82, UAB 773:30 PMBox ScoreGame Recap
November 28Iowa State 84, Illinois 736:00 PMBox ScoreGame Recap

The home team for first and second round games will wear white or home jerseys.

The home team is listed second on the schedule for games in Niceville and will wear white or home jerseys.

Games in bold are televised on CBS Sports Network.